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Your now in our little segment where you'll find all the latest info on our fundraising events and more!

If you have any ideas for us or would like to offer up some of your valuable time we'd love to hear from you. If not you can always support us by coming to our events, or engaging on our social media pages - this all helps! But if you can offer an extra pair of hands - please get in touch via our social media pages, info below. 

What do we do?

  • We are very passionate about helping Rose Hill Primary School and helping the children and staff in the best way that we can.
  • With 22 members and a big support from Miss Bright and her team we love to arrange lots of fun events for the children, you grown-ups and the staff too!
  • These are: Halloween, Christmas, a Themed and a Prom Disco, Santa Visit, Mothers and Fathers Day, Easter Egg Hunt, Bingo and Quiz nights and some rather fantastic cake sales. With some extras added in as we go.
  • Not only are these events great fundraisers they are also a great way for the children/grown-ups to socialise and to really have some fun.

Where does the money go?

Well recently we've purchased:

  • Each classroom with their own camera
  • Reading corners designed how the teachers wanted them
  • Marvellous Me App for Grown-ups to see more of what the children achieve in school time
  • Sport Kits
  • PE Shed

… the list goes on... 

The biggest achievement to date is the Astro Turf in the bottom playground. This was a request by the pupils and its benefits are fantastic, allowing a safe surface for all sorts of sports.

Our next project is a Learning Lodge for the top playground for all pupils to use as a funky environment for learning!

So... Fancy giving us a hand?

Well we meet once or twice a term (usually an evening in the pub) for a group chat about up and coming events, lots of ideas buzzing with lots of giggles for sure!

There are no hours and no commitments, people simply give as much or as little as they choose! 

If you want to know more you can chat with some of our PTA members Sarah Hughes or Sharon Pettman, 

Or contact us on our social media pages...

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Thanks for reading, Your PTA.