Welcome to Rose Hill’s PTA Page…

"So, what and who exactly is the PTA......?"

The simple answer is that we all are- any parent, any carer and indeed any teachers are members of the Parent Teacher Association at Rose Hill School and although I am sure we all have a stereotypical image of a "PTA" the reality is quite a bit different.

The origins of a PTA were to encourage closer links between school life and home life and this was primarily achieved through fundraising events, events that would involve parents, children and teachers alike, events that would ultimately benefit the pupils by supplying the "extras" that a normal educational budget wouldn't cater for.

"So what exactly does the PTA do?"

We arrange and host events for children and indeed sometimes parents, to raise the funds required allowing additional expenditure on behalf of all the pupils at Rose Hill during this part of their education. The type of events we run are School Discos , A visit by Santa , Easter Egg Hunt, Bingo and quiz nights and some rather fantastic cake sales. Not only are these events great fund raisers they are also a great way for the children to socialise and to really have some fun.

"So what exactly have you bought?”

The biggest by far is the Astro Turf in the bottom playground. This was a request by the pupils and its benefits are fantastic, allowing a safe surface for all sorts of sports. Not everything is quite so grand; we have purchased musical instruments, sports bibs and equipment, cookery and art supplies as well as ensuring that the pupils that leave Rose Hill in year 6 receive a memento of their time there.

"So can I help?"

Yes! The PTA meets once or twice a term (usually an evening) to discuss up and coming events. There are no hours and no commitments , people simply give as much or as little as they choose be it helping at a disco or serving at a cake sale, we all have different lives’ and different amounts of time to offer and with PTA events any time given is appreciated. 

“Want to know more?”

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